Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So week one of phase one is complete and I am down.....5 pounds!  I can't believe it!  I have been very very faithful to this phase - though I had one slip up on Monday morning which I will call the great pancake disaster of 2011.
 My husband had a doctor's appointment and afterward wanted to go out to breakfast. I was not really craving pancakes but sometimes in the morning I can't stomach protein, the thought of it kind of makes me gag.  I went to the dark side and ordered them and something strange happened. I really did not enjoy them really much at all.  The 1st few bites were - 'meh, yes these are pancakes, they taste good'.  I ate about half and that's when it happened - my stomach turned, I could feel that combination of sugar, flour, butter just turning in my stomach. I put my fork down and couldn't eat another bite.  As a carb-a-holic this is unheard of for me. We went home and I had to lay down for a good 30 minutes, I was nauseous and felt really terrible. 
This incident helped me realize that I can do this - that sugar addiction is real and taking that out of my life has really been beneficial. I can feel what my body needs. I crave fruit, I crave whole grains, but I'm not craving cake, cookies, etc. I'm excited about phase 2 because I'm putting healthy food in my body but my body is telling me something is missing. I'm realizing that the idea that your calories should come from whole foods, mostly plants, some grains, and protein is the way we are supposed to eat. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Frustration and boredom...

It's almost day 7 of phase 1 of South Beach.  I'm doing okay on it. I can say I'm a little bored especially at breakfast time - I can't wait for phase 2 to be able to eat maybe a slice of whole grain toast!
I am also frustrated.  I have a scale thats not completely accurate but I've been weighing on it every couple of days and it goes up and down and at it's lowest I've only lost a couple of pounds.  Since SB promises 8-12 lbs in 2 weeks and I know enough about dieting to know that the 1st week is the week you will lose the most weight I am definitely scared that I'm not going to get the results I want.  I have made a deal with myself that if at the end of two weeks I don't lose at least 6-8 lbs I'm going to get my thyroid tested.  It sounds like an overweight persons cop-out to claim "thyroid" but my mom's is way underactive as are two aunts of mine. 
Okay enough of my negativity going to start the day and leave all of it here!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Since I hate hate hate eggs I've had to be creative this week in finding South Beach friendly breakfasts.  My whole life I have enjoyed bagels, muffins, cake, pie etc etc etc for breakfast and of course I instantly wanted to take a nap afterward.  So far this week this has been my favorite breakfast...
Edamame and my daily allotted 15 almonds.  This breakfast was surprisingly filling with my morning coffee!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How we are supposed to eat...

These past couple of days eating just veggies, lean protein, and lean dairy products I have been thinking - maybe this diet works because this is how we are supposed to eat.
God gave us animals, vegetables, fruits, to EAT and ENJOY.  It's us who messed with nature adding corn syrup, hormones, fat, and most of all convenience to all of our food.  So here are my observations on day 3 and maybe I'll be less enthusiastic on day 13 but I hope not.  Maybe none of this has to do with the actual diet but my mind set has changed.  Who knows.  Anywho....
- I feel full for a longer period of time, no more sugar highs and lows.

- For some reason and I am really motivated to exercise, I've ridden my bike each morning this week.

- There isn't a sacrafice of flavor - right now I'm eating a cheese burger salad (lean amy's 8% patty, low fat cheese, lettuce, one slice of turkey bacon, and grilled onions).  Tastes wonderful and it doesn't feel "diet".

- I think this change is really going to benefit my kids. No I do not have them on a diet - they are 7 and 10 and healthy weights but they too enjoy sugar way too much.  I still give them a treat in their lunch box and of course I'm giving them fruit but eating a SB dinner is not going to hurt them.  For example last night I had made a turkey breast in the crock pot and served it with spinach and green beans. I attempted Cauliflower "mashed potatoes" but made them the real stuff.  That was a satisfying, and healthy meal.

- I am already having fewer cravings! That feels wonderful.

- I confess I really wanted a muffin this morning - lol.  But I ate my daily alloted 15 nuts and some low fat cheese and I felt satisfied.  (at breakfast time I really wish I liked eggs but no can do).

Below are two meals I've cooked - both in the crock pot. 
Turkey breast and green beans

Pinto bean soup (this is tonights dinner, we'll see how it turns out!).

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sugar-a-holic not so annonymous

I'm back on this weight-loss train that never ends.  Unfortunately I've spend more time in the dining car then in the bike riding, walking, eating healthy car. 
Something I know about myself is when something isn't working I need a clean slate so I've deleted the past 12 posts and I'm starting a-new.  Also I have stopped the affair I had for years with weight watchers. I just can't go to the same meetings with the same information over and and over and over again.  They changed their plan and thats great but I just was not losing on it - not because it isn't a great is. It just was not working for me anymore.
Something I have learned over years of focusing on my weight is that I am an addict.  I have inherited this trait from both sides of my family.  Instead of downing beer after beer at night I'm dowing fun size snickers, ice cream, chips, popcorn etc etc etc.  Whats the common theme - SUGAR.  Beer=sugar, candy=sugar, chips=sugar (carby starchy right).  Sugar sugar sugar!  Just like a hangover after a nightly carb binge I feel just terrible, the next day I feel terrible so I have a donut with my coffee (hair of the dog right) and so it goes on and on and on up and up and up to nearly 200 lbs now.  Yes I am ashamed to say I am floating in the 190's up and down and have been for months - never going above and never going below into 180's territory.
So with this knowlege I have started phase 1 of south beach.  I know I shouldn't "diet" and this needs to be a forever change but I really need to reset my mind - to crave protein and good sugars from vegetables and fruits.  I'm officially on day 1 - yesterday I ate an SB dinner and snacks but had my last hurrah earlier in the day. 
I am excited about the next two weeks, I could be a big bummer about it and I'm sure I'll be hating life in a couple of days but for now I'm excited about the possibility of getting off of this stupid train and living my life.  So yes I am Sarah and I am a Sugar-a-holic.