Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So week one of phase one is complete and I am down.....5 pounds!  I can't believe it!  I have been very very faithful to this phase - though I had one slip up on Monday morning which I will call the great pancake disaster of 2011.
 My husband had a doctor's appointment and afterward wanted to go out to breakfast. I was not really craving pancakes but sometimes in the morning I can't stomach protein, the thought of it kind of makes me gag.  I went to the dark side and ordered them and something strange happened. I really did not enjoy them really much at all.  The 1st few bites were - 'meh, yes these are pancakes, they taste good'.  I ate about half and that's when it happened - my stomach turned, I could feel that combination of sugar, flour, butter just turning in my stomach. I put my fork down and couldn't eat another bite.  As a carb-a-holic this is unheard of for me. We went home and I had to lay down for a good 30 minutes, I was nauseous and felt really terrible. 
This incident helped me realize that I can do this - that sugar addiction is real and taking that out of my life has really been beneficial. I can feel what my body needs. I crave fruit, I crave whole grains, but I'm not craving cake, cookies, etc. I'm excited about phase 2 because I'm putting healthy food in my body but my body is telling me something is missing. I'm realizing that the idea that your calories should come from whole foods, mostly plants, some grains, and protein is the way we are supposed to eat. 

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